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Minimotos have been in the UK since the 1990s originally coming from Italy, They measure approx. 95cm long and 45cm High and can be upto 15bhp.  They can be generally categorized 3 ways – Race Bikes / Trackday Bikes / Chinese Bikes

Minimotos are raced by kids and adults, from the age of 6 years.  The main brands raced in the UK are Blata, GRC, and DM and are powered by engines from Blata, CS Racing, and GHR. A new bike ranges from £1500 to £4800 with 2nd hand bikes from £1500+


There are a few circuits that hold regular open nights for fun, these are ideal for the person that doesn’t want the commitment of racing and the expense of big bike track days.  Most of the bikes used at these events are 10 year old race bikes, these bikes can still be very fast but just not quite good enough for racing now. You are still looking at Blata, GRC, DM and also Polini and used prices from as little as £500


These are toy minimotos often found online from £50-£300, The quality and reliability of the bikes is far less than race or track bikes and parts are harder to obtain.  If you plan on riding at a track or racing these bikes are very much the ones to avoid unless you have plenty of mechanical experience

Where to ride

Where to ride...

Please drop us an email if you know any additions to this list

The main championship in the UK is the
Cool Fab Racing Series
which hosts 3 day race meetings over 8 rounds from Kent to Cumbria.

Scottish Championship

  • We are part of M4 Karting – Chippenham – We run a practice night every Friday night, and a race school on a Sunday morning.

  • Whilton Mill – Daventry – Every Tuesday night in the daylight saving time weeks.

  • Tattershall – Lincolnshire – Friendly circuit that opens to bikes quite often.

  • Angmering – East Sussex – Small Friendly Circuit

  • Border Karting – Kinsham Presteigne – Sundays are a good practice day.

  • Stretton Circuit – Leicester – Last Sunday of everymonth, occasional other days.

  • Fatcat Motoparc – Donacster – Every weekend and Wednesdays.

  • Lockwell Hill Karting – Newark – Practice days but not set days.

  • Teesside – Monthly Practice Days.

  • Swindon Karting – Every Sunday Evening.

  • Kartstart – Kirkcaldy – Organised days by Mcintosh Minibikes.

  • FormulaKart – Blackpool.

  • Midland Karting – Lichfield – Every 2nd Wednesday.

  • Red Lodge Karting – Bury St Edmunds

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